Active in Europe!

Workrate's growth strategy focuses on growing with our customers into the whole EMEA area. Currently we have established offices in the UK (London) & Germany (Cologne).

We are looking to expand into Switzerland & France in the coming year. Please let us know, if we can provide more information about our ambition.


Data centres are complex objects; Workrate has been providing specific security services in this niche for more than 10 years! 

Proactive, creative and innovative; exactly what we need!


Data centres are complex objects, based on 4 pillars: connectivity, cooling, power and security. All of this to enhance the availability and accessibility of products. Sensitive information and valuable equipment obviously need reliable security. We understand that every data centre is different but also has similarities with other data centres. For more than 10 years already, Workrate has been operating successfully in the data centre industry. That is why we are the only specialist in the area of data centre security within the security sector.  

For each customer we have created customer-specific security teams. This security team is especially trained to your needs and is always available. This way we are able to provide customised work and your data centre will be optimally secured. 


The security team is trained at our Workrate Academy. Here, among other things, attention is paid to a location-specific manual. This manual describes work instructions per incident or activity, so it is clear in which way should be adequately acted. Your own security team is fully aware of the security processes within your company. And that we call customisation.

In addition we assist you on the basis of our expertise in order to optimise these security procedures. So you also remain secured in the future. Thanks to WorkState Tooling you have access to important information regarding the security of your company. It can be used to view reports and to monitor the progress in real-time.


Selection And training

The team of security officers is assembled on the basis of a customer-specific function profile which you discuss with Workrate. You decide for yourself who you want to employ. Because you know best who fits within your company. Training and appearance are of great importance in this matter. The security officers of your security team complete a specific training for your location as a result of which they have full knowledge of the security processes within your company. Through the Workrate Academy they continuously follow training courses in order to stay up-to-date with respect to the latest developments in the area of security.